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A Three Week Update on HRT

Today is three weeks since beginning HRT. There are not many changes yet but they are beginning. There is tenderness around the breasts. I’m detecting some shrinkage of the testes. I think my skin feels slightly softer and less oily overall but I’m not certain of those things.

I’ve also had occasions of more intense olfactory sensations, but it’s not consistent. I’m also beginning to wonder if my own scent is changing but again, I’m not certain of that. My fingernails and toenails seem stronger and less flakey but that may also be the biotin at work.

Emotionally, I cry somewhat more readily. I’m not sure I detect any specific changes in thought or thought patterns. I suspect my facial electrolysis is going easier. I know that my recovery from electrolysis seems faster now than previously, especially the cheeks. My cheeks used to take 48-60 hours to recover from an electrolysis session and now it seems to be 24 hours or less with most irritation gone in 4-6 hours. I think my facial hair is growing slower, which means I need to let it grow for a longer time between electrolysis sessions. I can suddenly see the huge advantage of an electrolysis center like E3000 which does your entire face in one sitting then has you return 2-3 months later rather than doing it for just an hour each week.

I’m not sure what other direct hormonal effects I am seeing. I think my left eye generally tends to be moister than it was before though it still can get too dry. I see more vellus hairs on my scalp but that’s no help if they don’t turn into terminal hairs and I am hoping that they do.

In summary, the changes at three weeks are just beginning and are fairly subtle so far. Perhaps I’ll see more at the six week mark.