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An Inkling of Progress

The spiro seems to be working. I say seems because it’s only been a few weeks but I think I am noticing some effects. Well, let’s say I am definitely noticing some effects! First off, there is a definite change in hair density upstairs where I have hair, which is good. Second, I’m getting some regrowth around the edges of the bald spot in back, which is also good. Third, the estrogen seems to finally be starting to overwhelm the testosterone and what has been tender slight breast bumps for months seem to be starting to firm up and grow a bit.

I also noticed that almost 8 months on HRT has taken a bigger toll on my upper body strength than I expected. I had to do some repair work on two gates on our fences and that was much more of a struggle than I anticipated. I was also experiencing some lightheadedness, which I was told to expect from my endocrinologist now that I’ve started the spiro.

It’s time to start running indoors again on the treadmill. It’s getting hot outside down here in the south, and humid as well. So much so that wearing a compression shirt and a t-shirt isn’t exactly wise but without the compression shirt I’ve got visible nipples that get stares. I’m amused but no sense upsetting the suburban neighbors.

I am still waiting for a response from my spouse about staying together or not for the next few years. We’ll see but I am going to ask her soon. This cannot hang out there forever undecided.