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The Covington High School Racists

People keep trying to exonerate those Covington High School students based on a little additional footage. So, since people want to introduce even more footageI’ve compiled a small list of this school’s hateful behaviors over the last several years.

Here we have Covington High School basketball players making the “White Power” sign during a basketball game. Their coach did not stop them.



Here we have one of the Covington High School students who stripped off part of his clothing and who was mocking the Native American elder. He can also be seen off to the side in one of the videos I’ll link down below.



Here we have Covington High School students wearing blackface and taunting a black opposing player  during a basketball game and the staff member standing there did not stop them!!


Video related to the above basketball game. Students have claimed that wearing blackface was “just school spirit”. Was harassing a black basketball player while wearing blackface “just school spirit” too?

And here is an article about that video.  Old Video Surfaces Of Covington Catholic Students in Black Paint.

And another article: Kentucky students from the same Catholic high school as the teens who taunted a Native American man were allowed to don BLACKFACE at their sports events – and openly goaded African American players.

Here we have a Covington High School priest who was present there on the mall and who never intervened.



Here we have another Covington High School sports photo with players again making the “White Power” hand sign. These photos were allowed to stand on the Covington High School website for years without removal.



Next we have a video of the boys from Covington High School before Nick Sandman stepped in front of Nathan Phillips. This is a YouTube link. It shows those same boys harassing Nathan Phillips and mocking him.


And finally (for now, I may add more later), we have a video of those same boys, just minutes before harassing Nathan Phillips and they were harassing women passing by, screaming “MAGA” and “slut” at them.

Addendum: That harassment of young women seems to run through that high school. Here is a story about Former Covington Catholic basketball player Jake Walter charged with rape, sodomy. It turns out Jake Walter registered as juvenile sex offender before new rape accusation. Seems he may have been raping girls while playing for Covington too.

And here’s another rape lover, this one cracking rape jokes while at the mall right before harassing the Native American veteran!!  ‘It’s not rape if you enjoy it’: Disturbing new video shows ‘Covington student’ cracking rape joke at the Lincoln memorial as his friends laugh.

These boys were not innocent at all and they, as well as other students from that school, have engaged in racist behaviors for years while the school staff stood by and allowed this to go on.

Don’t tell me these boys are innocent and don’t try to defend their racism. The evidence is overwhelming that Covington High School has a serious problem in that school with both students and staff and that the staff has known about this for years.

The evidence is clear. Covington High School is a racist cess pool.