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Happy New Year?

It’s now 2017, and we get to soon face what a United States run by a sympathizer to Vladimir Putin will look like. And it’s not looking good.

I’m not going to comment on the national politics here though. You can read about that elsewhere. Just remember that Trump always lies, even when the declassified report is released the same day proving that he’s lying. Remember that – if Trump said it, it is almost certainly a lie.

For myself, progress on prepping this house to sell is moving along nicely. I have some goals set and hope to see those through if oil and gas prices stay where they are now or rise a bit more. Once the house is prepared, it will go on the market, likely first half of 2018, and once sold, I can finalize this divorce and get on with the rest of my life.

Not that I believe in numerology, but there was/s  a “reading” that included three 69’s. That number supposedly means to “let go of the old”, and that an old cycle is ending this year and a new cycle is beginning. I’d like to believe that is true. I also got three 490’s, which is unusual (three of anything is unusual but hey, let’s play along here). That number supposedly denotes a new path in life, one that is fully supported. So, like I said, I don’t believe in numerology, but those numbers are fun and interesting and I would not at all be upset if that were the outcome for me this year.

I’ve healed well from FFS and GCS in 2015. It’s now 18 months post-GCS and I feel great and am very happy with my choice. Likewise, it is now 20 months since FFS, and I am glad that I did that too. I can see why Dr. Cardenas said that, at my age, after I fully heal, I might want to consider a face lift. The chin and jaw contouring did leave a bit of excess skin that could be taken back. I may do that eventually. May. But first onward with this house, the divorce, and establishing myself in my new life.

I now have three teenage grandchildren and two who are not yet that old. I’m only allowed to see two of the five total grandkids. One of my sons does not speak to me even or have contact with his children and the other told me that he will tell his child that his father “died”. I said to him, “So you’re going to lie to your own child?” And his response was “Yes.” This came from a man who claims he is a “Christian” and who claims he “follows Christ”. The other son also uses religious arguments for cutting me off. You can see right here that I have all the evidence, right in my own family, about why I reject Christianity and what it represents in 2017 America.

But my daughter is a wonder, an amazing woman and human being, and she includes me as much as she can. Friday evening, we celebrated my grandson’s 13th birthday together and I was thankful for that. Each year I want to reiterate that I give thanks for my daughter, her husband, and her children, and the chance to include them in my life.

I spent this Christmas with a dear friend and her family. It was wonderful to be somewhere I knew I was wanted rather than just tolerated, as my family, excepting my daughter, have done to me for years now. This was different, and enjoyable.

The year 2016 was personally mostly good for me, though it was very problematic for the trans community specifically and showed emerging threats to LGBT people generally. I don’t want to talk about those except to urge people to remain vigilant, to contact your representatives at the state and federal level, and ensure they know that you do not support hate and bigotry as law. Speak out, be visible, and be heard.

To each of my friends, I hope your 2017 is wonderful and full of good surprises. There’s plenty to be worried about for 2017, but remember to take a breath, smell the roses when you can, and keep moving forward with your life. Let’s all work towards the best even as we prepare for the worst. Good luck and may fortune smile upon you in 2017.

P.S. My lone semi-serious political statement in this blog entry is simply this – Donald J. Trump is a thin skinned egocentric bully. So I urge the widespread adoption of “Trumple Thinskin” as his new nickname. Mockery of evil is useful in defeating it. I’ll be happy if someone someday calls him that to his face.