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Two steps forward, one step back

I really need to try to post more regularly. It took about 8 weeks to get the blood pressure back under control. During that time my testosterone levels actually rose rather than fell so once the blood pressure was no longer an issue, my endocrinologist started me on a low dose of spironolactone. Spironolactone apparently works by binding where testosterone usually would, leaving excess free testosterone in the bloodstream, at which point the adrenal glands are supposed to tell the testes to slow down production. I’m supposed to have additional blood work in mid to late June to see where we stand at that point.

In the meanwhile, I’ve halted facial electrolysis because hair began growing back in thicker than before. So I’ll wait until testosterone levels are down enough before beginning that again. Also, I plan to try E3000 in Dallas, as I should be able to save enough for the initial visit by then. Hopefully, the spiro puts the testosterone issue to bed and I can move towards large scale facial electrolysis to get rid of the beard and beard shadow.

My spouse and I may also be coming to terms where we can both manage to live together the next few years while she goes back to school. Emphasis on may, however. She’s the one who floated the idea but isn’t sure she can handle it so we’ll see. Financially, it would be better for us living under one roof than two while she’s in school for a number of reasons. And financially it would be better for both of us if she was working and earning a regular salary once we do split so we both end up with more comfortable lifestyles. But again, we shall see.