Mental Delusions and White MTF Late Life Transitioners

Over and over again, I encounter late life transitioners who are absolutely desperate to hold onto their conservative and Republican credentials. This tells me they’ve not really started to transition yet because if they had, if they had been out among other women and learned and seen what other women put up with from the right wing Neanderthal mouth breathers in the GOP, they either could not be Republicans or they have hearts of ice and stone filled with hate for their fellow human beings.

The GOP has lied about everything it touches. The GOP courted KKK votes in the south beginning with Richard Nixon, via the “Southern Strategy” as created by his campaign adviser, Kevin Phillips. This article is from 1970 from the New York Times where they interviewed Kevin Phillips to understand how he won the South. Now either all those hateful white supremacist George Wallace style voters all, down to the last man, woman, and child, suddenly had a conversion and began supporting civil rights for people of color… OR they were attracted to the GOP via a series of code words and phrases that signaled white supremacy and dismissal of the black man. Which seems more reasonable to you? Yet very few older white MTF transitioners ever know about this, let alone accept the truth of it.

And this was not a one time thing either. Lee Atwater, in the middle 1980s, had his interview where he explained how they stopped saying “N*****, n*****, n*****!” and instead resorted to using code phrases like desegregation, forced busing, welfare bums, etc. Atwater was so upset with what he did with his life that he begged forgiveness on his death bed in the early 1990s for being a racist. Yet very few older white MTF transitioners ever know about this, let alone accept the truth of it.

Another of Nixon’s men, John Erlichman, said this also: “The Nixon campaign in 1968, and the Nixon White House after that, had two enemies: the antiwar left and black people. You understand what I’m saying? We knew we couldn’t make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin, and then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities. We could arrest their leaders, raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did.” Yet very few older white MTF transitioners ever know about this, let alone accept the truth of it.

Even further, in 2005, Ken Mehlman, then RNC chairman, publicly apologized to the NAACP for the GOP’s long history of racist attacks against people of color, and for using people of color to induce fear in ignorant white voters. This is public information yet very few older white MTF transitioners ever know about this, let alone accept the truth of it.

The GOP has never once balanced a budget on budget cuts as they claim. The budget being balanced in the 1990s was a compromise of budget cuts in some areas, and substantial tax increases in other areas, including on the highest bracket income earners. But you won’t hear Newt Gingrich or Republicans admit that. Republican states are among the poorest in the USA with the states taking the most federal handouts being Republican 9 times out of 10. On the other end, blue states (Democrat controlled) pay more to Washington than they take back. So who’s the real deadbeats here? Sam Brownback’s Kansas application of libertarian right wing nonsense now has the state running deficits of incredible proportions for such a small and relatively poor state. Even other Republicans in Kansas want to reject that nonsense now. Likewise, Scott Walker has done no favors to Wisconsin or its residents, cutting the state university budget by $450 million just so he can spend $400 million on a new sports stadium. Yet very few older white MTF transitioners ever know about this, let alone accept the truth of it.

The Republican Party in 2015 introduced over 110 anti-LGBT bills in states and the US Congress. Zero were introduced by Democrats. The Republican party introduced in states and the US Congress over 200 anti-LGBT bills so far in 2016. Zero were introduced by Democrats. The GOP just passed the most anti-LGBT party platform in its history, calling for the repeal of marriage equality, for open discrimination against transgender people, and for reparative therapy to be used on LGBT people, both children and any adults committed for being LGBT, despite the fact that no major medical organization considers being gay or trans as a mental health issue anymore. Yet very few older white MTF transitioners ever know about this, let alone accept the truth of it.

That same party platform carries open unscientific lies, claiming children in LGBT households are more prone to drug use, criminal behavior, and mental health issues, yet the scientifically proven truth is exactly the opposite. Yet very few older white MTF transitioners ever know about this, let alone accept the truth of it.

Over and over again, I get the impression that older white MTF transitioner believe that this is just about their body. Take the hormones, get surgery if needed, and you’re ok, right? WRONG! If you are a woman, you need to learn about women’s experiences. You need to get out and make friends with cisgender women. You need to understand how often we get raped. You will rapidly find that you suddenly have more friends who’ve been raped than you ever openly knew before in your entire life, because male privilege was hiding that from you. You will discover that women get treated as sex objects whether we want this or not. You will find men talking over you and getting angry if you try to interrupt to take back the floor. You will find men looking at you, not as a human being, but as a piece of meat to be evaluated to be fucked or raped.

And once you begin to understand what it is to be a woman in today’s society, you begin to understand that your worst enemy are conservative white men – exactly the group you were part of before. You begin to grasp that, as an older white male, you were part of a sick, twisted, ugly privileged self-centered group of people who want the entire universe to revolve around them. You, as a trans woman, begin to relate directly to the crap that your friends of color, both trans and cis, are experiencing, and all the crap that goes with that. You begin to understand that suddenly you’re worth less in the marketplace, just because you are a woman, and if you fight back about it, you’ll get fired.

So what I see, every god damned time I encounter a “fresh off the boat” brand new older white MTF transitioner is someone who thinks they can somehow, magically remain a part of that privileged, self-centered, lying brigade of white men who think they deserve to control everything.

I got news for you, honey. You’re a woman now and in their eyes, you ain’t shit. So get with the program and start educating yourself. Make lots of cisgender female friends then listen to them! Listen to their health care issues, how white male doctors dismiss issues that those same doctors would take seriously with a white male. Listen to them as they try to tell you that Old White Guys™ want to control their vaginas. Listen to them as they try to explain how hard it is to raise kids when the father is a deadbeat and the social safety nets have been torn to shreds by Old White Guys™. Listen to them as they tell you how Old White Guys™ talk over them or dismiss their ideas, then turn around and agree when a man says the exact same thing you did just a few minutes before.

And once you start to listen, once you start to learn, unless your head is so far up your ignorant ass that you’re already dead from suffocation, you will start to open your mind and realize that the biggest enemy you have, right now, today, in 2016 are Republicans. I wish that was not the case, but that’s the truth. Maybe someday the GOP will decide to focus on liberty and “live and let live” as they did once a long, long time ago.

But that day is not today and that year is not this year. If you are a transgender woman and you’re voting Republican, you’re still trying to hide behind your white male privilege. And I can guarantee you one thing – eventually they will turn on you too.


14 thoughts on “Mental Delusions and White MTF Late Life Transitioners

  1. *


    Herman Cane has been recently blathering that the ‘Democrat’ Party is the
    ‘Party of the KKK’ in his effort to besmirch contemporary political platforms.

    I knew Cane was deliberately lying, but lacked the circumstance to research hard references.

    I recall one beginning of this switch occurred during the 1940s when the Dixiecrats began moving from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party.

    You are always ‘Cara on the spot’.

    Thank you.

    • The New York Times article is the “smoking gun” of proof, direct from the lips of Nixon’s own campaign adviser, about how the “Southern Strategy” works. Anyone denying that is denying open and verifiable history and is either a racist bigot or a damned fool or both.

      I also added more links to more history of the GOP’s conversion to the party of the KKK and other issues as well.

  2. I’m a 62 yr old MTF and I see and feel their ignorance daily. They admit that know nothing about transgender people and they really don’t want to learn anything either. Losers. Great blog.

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  4. This is spot on. Only recently encountered exactly this phenomenon, and was told I should “ignore” the GOP platform’s massive anti-LGBT stance, and that Log Cabin Republicans are just soooo effective. Right.

  5. Wow, what a great piece. We need more of us to ‘tell it like it is’.

    I am in the UK and watching what happens in the US with horror. As the richest and most powerful nation what you choose in time crosses the Atlantic, whether it be attitudes or trade deals like TTIP which will open up our public services to unrestricted profiteering. Already we have moved to the right in leaving the safety of the EU and the European Court of Human Rights. Clinton is bad news, but Trump…God help all of us wherever we are on this tiny planet.

  6. Spot on! Thanks for writing this. As a white 54 year old trans male who comes from a lesbian past I know how right you are. It made me think of Caitlyn Jenner and how she is holding onto her Republican ideals so vehemently.

    • It’s not every late transitioning white MTF but it’s far too many of them. And the funny thing is, most of them, after actually making friends with other cisgender women and experiencing the woman’s side of out society, slowly begin to “transition” politically. Of course, there are a few who refuse to budge. I find that those few also have the fewest cisgender female friends as well.

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  10. I was turned for transitioning in 1977 and given psychotherapy instead… then for decades I tried to be a man and failed over and over being a male role model for my son. Finally decided to transition in 2014 and been happy ever since. :o)

    None of my cis friends have been raped. Some of my trans friends have. I could have been too except he was too drunk. I think you are stereotyping a bit against something that is different for each and every one us. 😥

    • I didn’t say all. I said over and over again. It’s frequent. I’ve seen it. Other trans women agree with me as well. And most of the time, five years later, many of those “die hard” conservatives are not conservatives anymore once reality as living as a woman begins to enter their life experience.

    • *

      Cara, Angelica, if I may add.

      Transitioning from male to female means, in the essence of this society and culture, moving from the point of male privilege. This is Cara’s web-site, Angelica, so rather than me directing you to other web-sites, allow me to present to you to browse Cara’s other posts to this topic here at her site – this year alone should whet your beak.


      You, Angelica, referenced your first effort to 1977.

      Stanford’s transition program cautioned its candidates about their potential for a ‘successful adjustment’:

      – ‘The burden of making a successful adjustment … is that of the person making the change. The transition … requires much strength and stability.’ (‘Stanford Gender Dysphoria Program’, 1977)

      Perhaps one can read whatever they want into any short quote from Stanford’s literature from 40 years ago. I shall side with Cara; ‘strength and stability’ is, as she explains, recognising and including comprehending this loss of ‘male privilege’ and who is our true support. Our current support is definitely not from the Republican Party, conservatives, right-wingers, Christian Conservatives. They are ‘male privilege’ – exclusive, invitation only.

      Caitlyn Jenner – she presents her narrative as the public persona of the Republican, conservative, right-wing transsexual – hardly bodes well for we rank-and-file enduring our way through transition. Oh to be certain, we all experience an amount of the same issues. My observation of Jenner is that hers was a bit more comfortably exclusive than most of us who face obstacles requiring that we nickle-and-dime our every step. Jenner tells how she demonstrates no difficulty affording the host of alphabet soup procedures typically part of the M-F experience; not to forget that she resides in the rarified air of gated communities while doing so.


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