Notes about the Bangkok Rama Hotel (Baansiri) During My Stay In Thailand

Regarding the trip to Thailand, I chose to stay at Baansiri, the Bangkok Rama Hotel, in the cottages in back. The first two weeks there they seemed to have issues with their WiFi which were annoying but I was also not there 4 of those days anyway. Once they got the issues fully resolved, I had only rare hiccups with their WiFi.

The food at the restaurant of the hotel was relatively inexpensive compared to other places (and most places were far less expensive than the US anyway) and was quite good. Being at the hotel, we were provided breakfast coupons to get breakfast for free if we so wished. Lunch and dinner we either had to purchase somewhere, such as the restaurant or elsewhere, or cook our own, which we did a fair bit of as well.

The cottages are fairly basic. If you want to be pampered you might choose the Dusit Princess instead, but I was more than pleased with the cottages and the close proximity to so many other of Dr. Chettawut’s patients. We spoke often, exchanged information, contacts, and shared food and drink on occasion. One of the women chose to not offer contacts as she said she was essentially going stealth after her return to Europe. She was witty, funny, and I’d have liked to have known her better but I understand her choice.

If you have a functioning phone when you get to Bangkok, consider downloading the Food Panda app. You can order from a huge number of local restaurants and have it delivered to your cottage.

Outside the hotel, immediate to the left of the grounds, is a nice little sandwich shop. We enjoyed that. Immediately to the right was a Seven Eleven and then several small local restaurants or other shops, such as a bakery.

About four blocks down to the right you will come to a large concrete bridge going over the street for pedestrians. On the other side of that is a shopping plaza that has a small replica “Big Ben” clock and English themed shops. Across the same parking lot on that far side of the street is Tesco Lotus, a very large store, much like a Target here in the US. It has a grocery area, clothing, house supplies, cosmetics, toys, appliances, etc. Inside the same building as Tesco Lotus are a few shops, such as a bookshop and several bakeries, candy stores, etc. There are also three or four banks inside the Tesco Lotus building, which can give you the most current exchange rate for your dollars to Thai Baht exchanges.

The Bangkok Rama is on the north side of a “loop” and Dr. Chettawut’s office is on the complete opposite side *(south side) of that loop, about 15 minutes away. On the east side of that same loop sits the Dusit Princess. I had a friend staying there who arrived two weeks before me so we stopped by there to visit. Right next to the Dusit Princess is the Seacon Mall (I think that’s the name) which is a very large and interesting mall if you are looking for that sort of shopping.

I was not physically up to it, but my traveling companion took one day near the end of the trip to take the 10 hour round trip and excursion out to the Tiger Temple. She got me some well appreciated souvenirs and her photos just make me want to return someday to see the tigers, both adults and cubs.

If you have questions about the Bangkok Rama, feel free to ask. If I think of anything else to add, I will. The facilities were comfortable and I experienced no serious issues post-operatively while there nor yet at home (knock on wood).


2 thoughts on “Notes about the Bangkok Rama Hotel (Baansiri) During My Stay In Thailand

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    Thank you for writing about your travel details – the hotel, the locations, the stores, the eateries. I’d love to see photographs.

    Someday, on my ‘bucket list’ trip to Mongolia, I’ll make a side-trip visit Thailand and eat ginger frog legs and snack on cayenne crispy critters.

    And I’ll get to say ‘Chai yo’ to Dr. Chettawut along the way.


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