A Visit With Dr. Chettawut And Other Random Thoughts

IMAG0099-resizedIt’s Wednesday morning in Bangkok and  I had my final visit with Dr. Chettawut today. He said I am healing “beautifully” so far. We took photos and while I guess I look less than stellar, no makeup and clearly physically tired, I’ll excuse myself with it having been just three weeks since surgery.

My only remaining medication is my antibiotic, which I was told to finish. Judging by what’s left that will be sometime next week.

My dilation schedule with #2 changed this week. That’s the dilator that’s getting most of the time now with #1 just basically helping me to relax and loosen up. Strangely enough, unlike a lot of the other women I’ve met here, my most relaxed session is the morning, and I’m at my tightest in the evening, so that session takes the longest.

I’ve stood a few times looking at myself in the mirror now, both dressed and undressed, both frontal and sideways. I don’t think I’m doing too badly for a woman my age either. And I will admit that I’m starting to see what my daughter must see when she teases me about a bikini next summer.

I recently participated in a long Facebook thread started by a woman who posted publicly (if you don’t want dissenting comments, post for friends only!) about her opposition to transgender protection regulations in a Houston suburb school district. I provided fact after fact, but these people refused to consider these facts, or the professional opinions of the American Psychological Association, the American Psychiatric Association, the American Medical Association, or the American College of Physicians. They refused to accept the scientific research, with one paranoid delusional claiming that science and professional medicine had been taken over by “liberals” and “Satan”. Well, buddy, when you’re that paranoid and delusional, you are the one that needs psychiatric help, not transgender kids. And they refused to accept the criminal evidence provided by the states and major cities that have enacted transgender protection ordinances, again claiming “liberal” conspiracy.

This little discussion was absolute proof that these bigots don’t care about facts. They just twist facts to try to justify their bigotry. They totally lack the compassion, empathy, and love that Christ himself told them to show.

That’s what dealing with transphobic bigots is like. Deny, deny, deny, fall back on “cuz Gawd”. It’s a blatant display of willful scientific and medical ignorance. And they are often proud of it!!! You’re left with a sick sinking feeling that these people are the exact sort that would gladly load cattle cars with human beings just so long as nobody disturbs their comfort. And granting equal rights under the law to transgender people? They just don’t want to. One practically admitted he wanted someone else to mock. These are sick, sick human beings.

In other matters, Tuesday evening (last night), Julie and I went to the Japanese restaurant just outside the Tesco department store about 5 blocks down the street. It was a feast for 950 Baht total (roughly $26). We got the beef and seafood. They put hot coals in the little burner in the center of your table and you cook your meal there, with over half a dozen different seasonings provided. We had more beef than we could eat, plus mega-shrimp, small salmon steaks, and various vegetables we could put on the grill as well. There was also a rice bowl that basically looked like fried rice unstirred, so we stirred that and ate about half of that as well. Julie and I split the salad and it was gone, and we each also got Miso soup with the meal. All in all, I came home stuffed and happy. It as delicious.

Today Julie is at the Tiger Temple. I have her looking for a few things for me for other people, plus I told her I wanted my own stuffed tiger if they’re available. She’ll be gone all day as that trip is 3 hours drive each way north of the city and 4 hours at the temple proper. She’s going to try to sign up for the chance to get a tiger photo where the tiger puts its head in her lap. I hope she gets it! If I can return someday, I want to see the Tiger Temple too, when I am healthier.

Our trip to the other side of the world is drawing to a close. Julie and I will see one of the local temples tomorrow, and maybe one other local sight on Friday. Saturday we rest and pack, as our ride back to the airport comes to the hotel at 9pm that evening and our flight back to the US begins just after midnight. We’ll arrive back in Houston on Sunday, August 16th, at about 8:30 am at international terminal D. I need to help Julie get over to terminal B for her flight home to Memphis that leaves around 10:30 so it will be close. We have to come in through customs, collect luggage, take the train to terminal B, then she has to check in at the counter and check her bag again for the separate flight home. We’ll make it but we’ll be busy. After she’s set, I’ll arrange to meet my ride outside terminal B at the arrivals pick up area. And then home, where the process of settling back in, re-establishing my dilation and massage schedules begins, and where I get comfortable for a week before resuming work on Monday, August 24th.

To all who have helped distract me on this trip, keeping my mind off the difficulties of healing early on, thank you. You have my gratitude for simply being there. But don’t worry. I’m not going away, and as I recover, I do hope to meet more of you who are in and around the Houston area.


7 thoughts on “A Visit With Dr. Chettawut And Other Random Thoughts

  1. *
    You make a great post today.

    I spent Monday on a message board reading the rants of another right-wing Christian Conservative religious fanatic who eventually proved he can’t answer to the issues that exist beyond his limited black-and-white world view. He insists that a man is a man and always will be a man. Yet he refused to respond – at least when I confronted him about the inter-sex circumstance: a female raised as male who transitions to female. Since the child is female, then he should have been saying it was wrong to raise her as male and she was correct to transition to female; but he won’t. He can hardly impose that a female child erroneously raised as a male must somehow remain living erroneously as a male; that would run contrary to his proposition of a person’s sex always being the same as originally developed. Instead, he called trans people ‘evil’, and ‘stupid’, and ‘small’ – and an aberration of ‘Hollywood’. Insults got him nowhere.

    That poster infused his religious belief that a male would be resurrected as a male and not as a female – his belief that resurrection is an actual physical anatomical body and spirit. His statement again reflected his confused logic of his own religion’s belief as he stated it. If his God includes one’s essence spirit in their resurrection, then their resurrection spirit would be who they are in their spirit. Thus a trans female would be resurrected as female, not the false image of a male that did not exist.

    I asked for that man’s comment when I posted in all truth that Rev. Pat Robertson of CBN / ‘700 Club’ – yes, that Pat Robertson – supports trans and trans research. Is Robertson now suddenly cast to hell as evil? He posted that truth hurts. Was he feeling that hurt now? Or was he denying truth? Hmm.


    I have come to understand that medical associations have now begun including the fact of mental gender identification is a form of inter-sex – demonstrated and proven in brain scans that the M-F trans brain is nearly identical to the female brain and quite totally dissimilar to the male brain. This expanded definition should prove helpfull.


    Now the easy question: But have you eaten frog legs yet? No? Then when? Add ginger and cayenne.


    • The extremists have nothing but superstition and hate to guide them. Strip away their pseudo science with real science, strip away their religious claims with verses from their own bible, and they collapse into pseudo-religious psychobabble that eventually translates as “we hate anything not like us”.

      No frog legs for me, Sharon. Maybe next time when I return just for real vacation reasons. 🙂

  2. Thank you for posting and sharing your journey. I’m glad to hear you are healing and hope it continues to go well.

    I agree that people become PROUD of ignoring and denying facts. I think it has to do with being told that faith is more important than all else, and you can get praised for your faith. It kind of bleeds over into, “I will have faith in x, y, z in spite of all the evidence against it because GOD.” So frustrating and hard to know what to say that will get through.

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