An Amazing Land, Far, Far Away

Thailand continues to amaze me. The people are remarkable, kind, gentle, open hearted. And while my dietary restrictions won’t be lifted until Wednesday, others have assured me that the food here is divine.

The monsoon rains come late in the afternoons, pouring for a few hours, then lifting, leaving the gardens where our cottages are located wet and sparkling in late evening, early night. Flowers open during the days and close at nights. The scents in and around the cottages.

Our next door neighbor, a woman from Spain here with her sister who just had surgery Friday, made a big skillet of pasta and invited those all around to come and partake. I had to pass this time, but I’m told she’s done this before so maybe I can catch the next impromptu “dinner party” at the cottage next door.

I’m having to work my breast massage regularly for now. It’s actually rather demanding and I’ll have to keep at it for the first few years to soften the implant and help it conform to the natural breast shape. I’m not dilating yet. That should begin on Wednesday.

Hopefully by this coming weekend, Julie and I can get out and about around Bangkok a little bit. There’s an amazing desserts shop just two blocks down from the Rama hotel that I want to try! We have 21 more days here to explore and experience the local culture. I’m looking forward to it.


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