One Week And Counting!

In one week, I depart for Thailand. At this time, one week from today, I will be in the air with Julie Jeznach​ headed for Seoul, South Korea, with a short layover, then on to Bangkok, Thailand.

Crossing the international date line means we will arrive at 9:10pm, on Saturday evening, July 18th Bangkok time.

I am both excited and nervous, excited because this is finally happening. Nervous because I have to travel so far to get it, and as with any surgery, you hope nothing goes wrong.

I plan to make posts to my blog about the trip, but I can’t say it will be daily, just as often as I find appropriate. Since my blog auto-posts to Facebook, they will be visible there as well when I am writing.

And post surgery, I hope to also be active on social media once I am awake and fully cognizant again.

A lot of people have been there for me leading up to this, and I thank all of you. Because there is some overlap, I’ll get to see two of my friends, one who is there already and has completed her surgery and one who is scheduled to arrive after me for her surgery. I look forward to visiting with both of them when I can.

My final comment here is to my trans brothers and sisters who are struggling to reach this point. To all of you I say, please don’t give up, and please do continue persevere in your goals. Our situation in the United States is changing rapidly for the better so while it may not be feasible for most of us today, in a few more years, these medical procedures may be fully covered, giving you more options. So hang in there! You’ll get there too someday.


8 thoughts on “One Week And Counting!

  1. What a lovely beautiful post! You are such a wonderful writer. i look forward to reading your posts from Thailand!

  2. *

    I am among your followers who eagerly await your coming posts of your travels and experiences.

    Please continue including commentary on your practical differences moving from male to female – of course within your comfort to describe them. Such as, now that you have less facial hair, the observation of having shaved daily (or whatever was your male routine) for the past x many years versus now you wake up and have no need for that razor or shaver. Think of all the savings in shaving supplies and time each morning!


    • Well, the facial hair removal continues. It’s getting very thin on the face now, but it’s not gone yet. I’m at 69 hours of “chair time” in the chair at E3000 so far and was told that total time would likely be at least 70-90 hours, so it seems we’re getting into that range as things begin to vanish. I’m guessing there are 2-4 more trips to go, but it could be more, could be less. Next trip to E3000 will be in mid-October, after I’ve returned from Thailand and had a few months to heal before undergoing the 5 hour drive from Houston to Lewisville.

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