Yet Another Reply To Those Who Continue to Demean Transgender People

I won’t comment on whether “transracial identity” is a thing or not except to say this – the only reason conservatives raise this issue is to denigrate transgender people.

The two issues are not comparable. These are not apples and apples, but apples and oranges.

First off, “transracial identity” is a phrase that popped onto the radar of everyone just this week, in relation to one single person who has been living as a black woman for years even though she was born very, very white. Race is a completely social construct. We currently have no biological evidence that race is anything other than a social construct. Prior to this week, the term “transracial” was a clinical term restricted to discussing children of one race being adopted and raised by parents of another race, and any mental health issues that might arise therefrom. Now the word has been appropriated by non-professionals who are know-nothings seeking to create a false comparison between transgender and race as identifying characteristics.

On the other hand, there is a wealth of peer reviewed scientific studies that I have referenced elsewhere that demonstrate that being transgender is exactly what the American Psychiatric Association, American Psychological Association, the American Medical Association, and the American College of Physicians all say it is – a medical condition.

So right off the bat the two things are different. One is not a biological component of self identity so far as we know and the other one, being transgender, is a biological component of self identity, based in white matter brain structures that form and set in a particular gender configuration before birth. Being transgender is recognized as a medical condition and has a standard treatment procedure, often referred to by those within the trans community as “transition”. This treatment procedure and the process of going through it involves hormone therapy, psychological therapy (to deal with the issues of people being assholes, not from being trans itself), and surgeries. “Transracial identity” has no such recognition and no such standard treatment plans.

Therefore why use one, which appears to be about one individual, to compare to the other? I’ll tell you why. Because the behavior of the one individual is seen by many as potentially unstable and disturbed. And comparing the situation of Rachel Dolezal to that of transgender people is an attempt to demean, marginalize, and ostracize transgender people by trying to point out that if Rachel Dolezal is ridiculous then transgender people are ridiculous too.

When you see someone doing this, odds are very high they are someone who has serious issues about transgender people. And they are further also advertising their great big lack of knowledge about the field of transgender studies and treatment today, as well as about human biology. No, Virginia, as I have said before, XX is not female and XY is not male.

And finally, those still arguing that being transgender is a “mental illness” – you are in the deep deep minority among health care professionals in both the mental health care and physical health care arenas.

American Psychiatric Association Position Statement About Transgender Persons

American Psychological Association Position Statement About Transgender Persons

American Medical Association Position Statement About Transgender Persons

American Medical Association 2011 Annual Meeting Webcast Explaining Hormonal In Utero Causes of Being Transgender

American College of Physicians Position Statement About Transgender Persons

Summary of Research About Neurobiological Causes of Being Transgender


5 thoughts on “Yet Another Reply To Those Who Continue to Demean Transgender People

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    I worked in personnel management for the federal government. There came a time during Reagan’s administration when we got orders to assign our employees (more than 200 where I worked) to minority categories to mock the true representations.

    For example, my office co-worker (Scandanavian background and name); she was dating a man with an Hispanic last name. Bear in mind that man did not consider himself ‘Hispanic’. Our Administrative Office changed my co-worker to ‘Hispanic’.

    Most people know who is Linda Ronstadt. ‘Ronstadt’, hmm, that sounds German. Nope, Linda is Hispanic. Her family is a long-time Hispanic family of Tucson and Southern Arizona whose roots go back more than 150 years..

    • The Reagan administration began a downward spiral in the United States that we’re still witnessing today. Hopefully we will break free of it sometime and hopefully sooner than later. It’s negatively impacting the entire country with nonsense rhetoric about race, sex, sexual identity, and gender identity. I guess it’s the last great gasp of straight cis hetero white privilege, something I hope my grandchildren can see finally vanish.

      • *
        Our great minds think alike.

        Dr. Paul MacDonald began teaching at the University of Arizona Medical School since at least 1974 that female can be either XX or XY and that male can be either XY or XX. And then, of course, he taught there are so many other variations. I try explaining that to other people and they look dumbfounded.

        My doctors wanted to do a DNA karyotype on me years ago (1970s) when they told me the price exceeded $10.000. I said why bother – I’m not paying for something that will not affect my decisions. Whether I am XX or XY female, so what. Whether I am XY or XX male, so what. My identity is female and I corrected my anatomy to resolve that discrepancy.


  2. *

    I found your site by accident last week and put it on my to do list. I spent the past couple days perusing your site in more detail, reading your posts, reading replies, browsing your reference sources, and making my own posts..

    Your site is well-informed, filled with facts, and you provide plenty of actual references. You know what you are presenting to your audience.

    I’ll continue reading another time. I will be sure to keep your site on my regular list.

    One dumb question. I have addressed you as Cara because that is your first name. Your site is ‘liz day by day’ so should I call you Liz? I skipt to your first page and you used Elizabeth. Let me know what you prefer.

    Take care and be safe in your long trip to your new self.


    • My middle name is Elizabeth. I used that for the site for a variety of reasons. Originally it was very anonymous but I reached a point where people know who I am now. Cara is fine. Liz is fine. I’m happy with either. 🙂

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