Leelah Alcorn – Her Death and Facing Human Monsters Among Us

People are trying to whitewash what Doug and Carla Alcorn did to their child. I’m having none of it. They chose to be religious bigots. They chose to ignore medical and scientific fact in favor of 6000 year old superstitious nonsense. As surely as Leelah was their child, they also killed their own child with their words and by sending their child to therapists who practice a form of therapy that is considered “unethical” by both the AMA and the APA. They helped kill their child by authorizing three times the dose of Prozac recommended for children, when Prozac itself is proven to increase suicidality in children.

I will not stand by and submit to the nonsense being spewed by Carla Alcorn about “unconditional love”. If that’s what love looks like, then that kind of love kills.

I will not excuse James Dobson and his hypocritical motto “Families: where life begins and love never ends” because his transphobic rantings fueled the Alcorns extremist positions. For Leelah Alcorn, Dobson’s advice as “Families: where life ends and love never begins.”

I will not stand by and excuse them for their role in this because the culture around them “brainwashed” them. They had a choice and they deliberately chose scientific ignorance over medical fact.

It’s time to end this religious superstitious nonsense. It’s time to make reparative therapy a felony crime, including when practiced by “religious” therapists!

As a nation, we no longer tolerate lots of fundamentalist nonsense. We no longer allow women to be sold to the man that raped her to be forced to be his “wife”. We no longer tolerate “curse of Ham” religious reasoning for racial bigotry. There are lots of fundamentalist extremist ideas to which this nation has already said “NO!”

Now it’s time to say no to Reparative Therapy – a form of psychological abuse and torture intended to force someone to conform to gender and sexual stereotypes. It’s time to ban reparative therapy and make it a nationwide federal felony. And it’s time to prosecute and imprison every barbaric monster who insists on practicing this superstitious nonsense.

And to close, I’ll go one step further. We need to prosecute the therapists who helped kill Leelah Alcorn.. Punish them. Because they still think what they did was right and that, in itself, is a horror and a wrong that a respectable society should not tolerate.

Please sign the petition for Leelah’s Law, to ban reparative therapy throughout the entire United States. It’s time to strike back at the human monsters among us and remove them from civilized society. Let’s pass Leelah’s Law so no more children face Leelah’s fate. And let’s prosecute the Alcorns and the therapists who took part in this religious killing. It’s time.


6 thoughts on “Leelah Alcorn – Her Death and Facing Human Monsters Among Us

  1. Maybe ban it for minors who do not consent? Because otherwise that would infringe on a person’s freedom to choose for themselves. Some people *want* reparative therapy, and I think we should respect that as we want to be respected for our own choices.

    • Should we allow people to self-medicate with anything when that might be harmful?

      The largest summary study ever looked at 81 other studies that tried to evaluate the efficacy and potential harm of reparative therapy methods. The results of that analysis are damning. Among youth, the percentage experiencing depression and suicidal ideation is larger by far than the tiny number that claim to have been “helped”. Thus you are almost 25 times as likely to drive your child to suicide as to change their beliefs about themselves. That is not a therapy the medical community can condone.

      Among adults, the success rates are similarly low, plus huge numbers of participants drop out, unable to stand the horrible impacts of reparative therapy, and even among those that complete it, the negative outcomes, including depression, lack of any sexual function at all, and suicidation all are far higher than any claims of success.

      Appropriate Therapeutic Responses to Sexual Orientation

      The Lies and Dangers of Reparative Therapy

      Then you need to read these:

      World’s Largest “Ex-Gay” Ministry Shuts Down, Issues Incredible Apology

      9 Ex-Gay Leaders of the Conversion Therapy Movement Apologize

      Basically, in the last few years, the “proof” that reparative therapy ever worked at all completely and utterly collapsed, and the ministries that claimed it worked have all apologized and admitted they falsified their data. All of it.

      This is why states are banning this practice for anyone. There is no evidence that it does any significant statistical good. There is massive evidence that it does harm. And the movement itself has collapsed from guilt and lies about what they claim to have achieved.

      Reparative therapy is complete and utter quack medicine and should be banned across the board.

      Oh yeah, despite this wealth of evidence, 81 studies, all these apologies, the entire collapse of the ex-gay ministries, the right wing still wants to keep this “therapy” (which is really basically torture) around. That’s actually a sick thought. The Texas GOP even put that in their state party platform, to protect a “therapy” that causes suicides, depression, and complete sexual dysfunction and which almost never works. How can anyone justify that ever?

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