Faux Moral Outrage Among Shrill Transgender Harpies

A federal judge upheld the right of a transgender inmate to receive gender confirmation surgery at the expense of the state. As usual, a particular crowd of transgender voices arise at this “outrage”, about how the “community” brings “shame” upon ourselves because some of us supported this decision. Since I cannot post my unfettered thoughts elsewhere, where these harpies gather like shrill ravens shouting down anyone who disagrees with them, I’ll post my thoughts here. What follows is what I would have addressed to these irrational, illogical, constitutional defying shrill voices of faux moral outrage had I been allowed to say it where it should have been said.

Some of you seem to hold the notion that prison should be cruel and unusual punishment, despite a clear constitutional prohibition against the same.

Some of you seem to want to pick and choose what the government is allowed to call “medically necessary”.

Some of you seem to want to deny that the AMA and APA have stated that GCS can be “medically necessary” in specific cases.

Some of you seem to want to deny the long standing legal finding that anyone in prison is thus a ward of the state and the state is therefore mandatorily obligated to provide “medically necessary” health care, because the state has removed the opportunity for the individual to do so themselves.

Given the above, the decision of the judge follows in clear black and white logic.

Some of you seem to not give a damn about the US constitution, two hundred years of legal precedents, the advancement of modern medicine, and the formal recognition by the scientific community that being transgender is a medical condition.

Here’s a hint – if GCS is medically optional for this prisoner, it is medically optional for every single one of you too. If it is medically optional for this prisoner, and not covered, then it should legally not be covered for you either.

I don’t care of you like or dislike this human being. I certainly don’t. I think what she did was reprehensible. But you cannot play the selective game with medically necessary treatment without also establishing legal precedent that it is therefore selective for everyone else,  including you.

There is a word for the short-sighted thinking you present and that word is hypocrisy. I would suggest you reconsider the legal and logical ramifications of your short sighted position, but I know better than that. That’s simply impossible for those motivated by such hypocrisy. Your quasi-moral outrage appears to be more important to you than consistency of legal application of the law in light of the AMA’s position on transsexual surgical health care. Your faux moral outrage defies facts and logic before the law but you’d rather “feel good” about your faux moral outrage than have consistent and fair legal precedents.

And yet some of you wonder why we have so much trouble getting insurance coverage for GCS for the rest of us? Go look in the mirror. You are why so many of us have such trouble. YOU  are the problem! You! Because as soon as you argue that this procedure is not medically necessary for Michelle Kosilek, you have argued that it is not medically necessary for you either. If you, as a layman, call into question the diagnosis of medical professionals in one case, you have created the legal basis for a layman to question that diagnosis in every other case.

So the next time a trans brother or sister wonders aloud why getting coverage for GCS is such a legal mess, please have the courage to stand up and say, “Me! Me! I’m the one who screwed you over, for my faux moral outrage! You’re welcome!” But I’ll bet not one of you has the guts to stand up and take responsibility for what you represent. Not one.


4 thoughts on “Faux Moral Outrage Among Shrill Transgender Harpies

  1. *
    Liz, please allow this extension.

    I am a supporter of some manner of universal single-payer health-care (e.g., MediCare for all). Certainly, if we Americans boast of ourselves as the cream of the crop in the world of ideas, then this nation can ‘provide for the General Welfare’ as directed in our Constitution and catch up with the rest of the ‘First World’ societies that provide universal health-care to all their residents – including all steps in the process of transition.

    Much work must still be done even to our current system. There is no point that SSA finally approved of MC coverage for FFS, GCS, VFS, BA, and other procedures when not one counsellor, electrologist, physician, surgeon, anaesthesiologist, pharmacist accept MC assignment. Would it not have been so much better, Liz, if you could have stayed home for FFS, GCS, BA when covered by MC rather than imposing upon you all the hassles of passports, travel arrangements, jet lag, foreign housing accommodation? Don’t take this all wrong. Certainly there is a bonus travelling the world as you achieve each step of your personal journey.

    Please. Correct me where I am wrong.

    Failure of our society to address these needs could lead to a run of petty crimes as pre-ops obtain medically necessary procedures while held as wards of the local, state, or federal government when it becomes known the best jurisdictions that provide those services to their in-mates. Let us not forget that many people committed petty crimes during The Depression for the simple opportunity to eat and obtain shelter at their local jails.

  2. *
    I came upon another article of that same case with a different bias against medically necessary health care: ‘morningmail.org/gender-benders/’.

    Yep, even the article name is insulting.

    The article originates from Australia, objects to their nation’s coverage of reassignment and other surgeries, and suggests the entire nation is lining up for ‘free’ GCS.

    The article degenerates quickly.

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