My First E3000 Session Results

I am home from my first session with E3000, on December 18th. They managed a full facial clear with two technicians in just over 10 hours total (5 hours per tech). Originally they expected a lot more hours so I got off easy. This was because neither my cheeks nor throat were as densely bearded as they initially feared based on the facial photos I’d submitted.

Their current rates are $110 per hour. My bill for this session was $1100, of which they already had part paid for by my deposit.

They use a sheathed needle so that the electrical and heat effects are only applied at the base of the hair follicle and not the length of the entire shaft which can cause more scarring and also damages collagen structures within the skin.

My face was very swollen and also very red in the immediate aftermath of those 10 hours. This is normal and their aftercare handout explains how to treat these conditions – ibuprofen, ice on the affected areas (20 minutes on/20 minutes off) and zinc oxide cream to promote healing.

The swelling goes down on its own over the first few weeks time.

Here is a before/after photo from the first session. The tiny hairs left in the after photo are not normal stubble but are dead hair fragments that are being pushed out by the skin as the swelling drops and the skin heals. Even with those though, it is very apparent that the first session removed massive amounts of facial hair. The picture doesn’t show it but the neck hair was as dense as the chin and about the same grey coloration.

I was informed that in 2-3 weeks I should begin really seeing the second growth wave begin. We’ll see how dense that is. The second session will likely be nearly as long as the first, but after that sessions should begin to be seriously fewer charge hours (probably switching to just one tech from session 3 forward).

You can also see some of the residual swelling (it was way worse three days ago!) and some of the residual redness as the skin heals.



The photo above was three days after the session, on December 21st. I had not shaved since December 14th. Today, December 27th, was the first time I’ve shaved since the session and the beard growth is very slow and very sparse at this point in time.

I do expect the beard growth to thicken somewhat over the next 6 weeks leading up to the second session, but to be slightly less dense than the first session. Hopefully, each subsequent session will be less and less, until this is all gone once and for all.



2 thoughts on “My First E3000 Session Results

  1. Before I could begin HRT, I started laser hair removal for 5 sessions about 6 weeks apart and it removed the pigmented hair and with it, the shadow . Because I bought the package before the end of 2011 I got a 20% discount so the total cost was around $900 which I paid via CareCredit. I looked into electrolysis for the gray whiskers and the cost would have been more than my GRS in Thailand, including travel, lodging and tourism. I decided that I would rather shave the grey whiskers every day than not have my vagina before I turned 65.

  2. *

    I have read your excellent insight and comments throughout Liz’ site. Are you still shaving or have you finished?

    If you are open to accepting this offer, I will pay your electrologist for one hour of electrolysis to re-start you to your finish.

    If you need more hours, then I challenge others to find a way to help fund those hours.

    If you, Deanna, are finished, then my offer stands to another who may be having difficulty financing their electrolysis.

    I make this offer to fullfill an earlier post that we as a community should find a way to help others.

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