More Great Results from Yeson

Yeson Voice Center has a new pitch centric technique for adjusting pitch for male-to-female transsexuals. I’ve been following the progress of several transwomen who have gone there and have been just floored at the improvements in their voices as they’ve healed and continued voice therapy afterwards.

This is Sarah’s voice experience thread and she’s begun posting about her progress now that she’s a bit more than 2 weeks post-op for her voice. Already her voice sounds great. Jenny, another poster at Susans forums, also has experienced great results as have several others.

For someone with an actual physical problem that hinders voice retraining, this looks like a god-send. The patient still has to retrain to focus on head voice (female) rather than chest voice (male) but I’ve found that is not all that hard to do.

I am looking forward to having saved enough to go there in a year or two.


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